Having started drawing from a very young age and growing up with an Art Teacher (mom) who attended Banff School of Fine Arts, Laura-Anne was always drawing and painting growing up. Her first art “gig” was painting windows at Christmas when she was 16. Dad bought her an airbrush at 17 and that was what really got her started as an airbrush artist. In 1991 she attended VIU for 2 years and received an Associate’s degree in Applied Arts (Graphics option).
After her first year at college she received a prestigious 1st place award, by unanimous decision, in a British Columbian, provincial-wide, inter-collegiate poster contest. “Enviro Visions”, for Enviro Expo ‘92. A limited edition print was given to each of the 1000 corporate delegates from major global companies such as Fuji, Canon and Hewlett-Packard. 
Laura-Anne was awarded the Faculty Award for Graphics upon graduation from VIU. 
Her first job out of college was designing display ads for "Yellow Pages". After three years she moved on and worked at many different jobs within the graphics industry. She has done work for companies such as Triumph, The Naam, Save-On-Foods, Tim Horton's, Tsubaki of Canada and Vodafone.
She loves to ride her 2022 Harley Davidson Street Bob, and travelling. Her favourite illustrators are Norman Rockwell, Graeme Base and Norman Mingo (Mad Magazine).

Artist's Statement
As an Alberta-based artist, I proudly wear an array of artistic hats, refusing to confine myself to a single niche. In a deliberate act of “un-niching,” I embrace the freedom to explore various mediums and techniques, allowing my creativity to roam boundlessly.
Whether I’m wielding a stylus on a digital canvas or wielding a brush on a brick wall, my artistic journey is defined by versatility and passion. Digital imagery springs to life under the gentle guidance of my desktop, tablet, and stylus, where I seamlessly blend digital painting apps, typography, vector illustrations, and AI to craft intricate compositions. Conversely, the tactile sensation of acrylics and enamels beckons me to mural spaces and signposts, where each stroke tells a story of its own.
My creative process is a tapestry woven with threads of research, thumbnail sketches, and reference studies. While some pieces demand meticulous planning and precise execution, others thrive on the spontaneity of improvisation. This dynamic interplay between structure and impulse fuels my artistic journey, propelling me towards new horizons with each fresh brushstroke and pixel.
At the heart of my art lies a desire to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and ignite conversation. Whether through subtle nuances or bold provocations, each piece carries a message waiting to be discovered by the viewer. My canvas becomes a stage, where stories unfold, ideas collide, and emotions resonate.
My artistic journey is far from static; it’s a perpetual odyssey of growth and discovery. With every creation, I embrace the opportunity to learn, evolve, and transcend artistic boundaries. As I gaze towards the future, I am filled with anticipation, knowing that each step forward brings me closer to new artistic horizons waiting to be explored.

Partial Client List
EYES Inc Publishing
Blue Box Productions
Garden Gourmet Fine Foods
Personal Touch Products
Nation of Patriots
Crystal Coast Graphics
The Naam
Williams Lake Studio Theatre
Mastermind Studios​​​​​​​
Save-On Foods
Tim Horton's
Andre's Electronics
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd.

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