Having started drawing from a very young age and a mom who attended Banff School of Fine Arts, and was an art teacher, Laura-Anne was always drawing and painting growing up. Her first art “gig” was painting windows at Christmas when she was 16. Dad bought her an airbrush at 17 and that was what really got her started as an airbrush artist. In 1991 she attended VIU for 2 years and received an Associate’s degree in Applied Arts (Graphics option).
After her first year at college she received a prestigious 1st place award, by unanimous decision, in a provincial-wide, inter-collegiate poster contest. “Enviro Visions”, for Enviro Expo ‘92. A limited edition print was given to each of the 1000 corporate delegates from major global companies such as Fuji, Canon and Hewlett-Packard. 
Laura-Anne was awarded the Faculty Award for Graphics upon graduation from VIU. 
Her first job out of college was designing display ads for "Yellow Pages". After three years she moved on and worked at many different jobs within the graphics industry. She has done work for companies such as Triumph, The Naam, Save-On-Foods, Tim Horton's and Vodafone.
She loves to ride her 2022 Harley Davidson Street Bob, and travelling. Her favourite illustrators are Norman Rockwell, Graeme Base and Norman Mingo (Mad Magazine).

I’m an Alberta based artist who wears many artistic hats. As of late, I have re-categorized, or rather UN-categorized, myself as “un-niched”.  

I am a graphic designer, a digital artist, mural artist and sign painter. I also create imagery using typography, vector illustrations and AI.  I have done everything from creating Yellow Page ads, t-shirt designs, painted murals, book cover illustrations, food packaging and labels, brochures, graphics for software development, to creating storyboards for movies, designing logos, illustrating digital wraps and decals, airbrushing motorcycles and painting advertising on store windows.

My personal work always contains some kind of a message for the viewer. Whether it’s obvious or not depends on the piece. I also like to stir the pot a bit and try to evoke some sort of a response or emotion from the viewer. I'm kind of sassy that way. 
My process involves researching my subject, drawing thumbnails, sketching and reference studies. For final digital images  I may use 3D modelling or CAD software, Photoshop, Corel Painter or Procreate.  And for painted art, I mainly like to use acrylics. 

As an artist, I aim to use my creations to inspire others, provoke thought or emotion, or to tell a story of some kind. 
I am always learning and my art is always evolving.  Always looking ahead and clearly moving forward.
Partial Client List

EYES Inc Publishing
Blue Box Productions
Garden Gourmet Fine Foods
Personal Touch Products
Nation of Patriots
Crystal Coast Graphics
The Naam
Williams Lake Studio Theatre
Mastermind Studios​​​​​​​
Save-On Foods
Tim Horton's
Andre's Electronics

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