Client Brief:

VIRION – Book Cover
The story involves a synthetic microorganism referred to as Dragonvirus. Here is text describing it:
He opened the first high-magnification image, a swarm of long, curving threads, each with a bulb at one end. “Dragons indeed.”
“The symptomatology aligns with the moniker, too,” she said. “Sung measured temperatures as high as 121 degrees internally in dying animals—the dragonvirus literally burns them up.
Opening the dragonvirus pics file, he scanned slowly through the images. He found a picture of an individual virus particle and zoomed in on the head-like structure at the end of the winding thread. The resolution at high magnification was fuzzy, but there appeared to be a cloud of tiny protrusions, arranged in a regular pattern, covering the spherical head region. The remaining linear body portion was smooth and elongated.
This is a picture I think of as a model for the head portion of dragonvirus. 
A drawing for the cover could depict a micrograph of the virus--something like this.
The virus causes high fever, and there are multiple references to fire and heat. Liberal use of red, orange, and yellow in the drawing would be appropriate.

I started with a quick sketch. I had a vision of what I wanted the finished cover to look like, and the client was very clear about what they expected, so I didn't spend a lot of time messing around. I did a quick sketch, and used Photoshop to move things around. But a simple layout seemed best, with bold, vibrant colours.
I tried several fonts, and finally ended up using Grantmouth Standard, but "customized" the "V" in the title. 

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